Most environmental and industrial flows are turbulent, and in turbulence the concept of turbulent cascade is the key idea. From classical works on how the statistical universality may arise at small scales, this concept continues to evoke a very considerable interest. In recent decades the new physical ideas has been imbedded in the concept of turbulent cascade, with support by experiments and numerical simulations. The open discussion on equilibrium and non-equilibrium cascades during the EUROMECH/ERCOFTAC Workshop “Turbulent Cascades I” (Lille, 2015) motivates us to gather again in the framework of EUROMECH/ERCOFTAC Workshop “Turbulent Cascades II”.

This Workshop will be held on December, 6-8, 2017 simultaneously with the famous Fête des Lumières in Lyon. Lyon will be “awash with light”, and it may help us to cast light also on the physics of turbulent cascades in the presence of external factors (body forces, compressibility, non-Newtonianity, free interface and particles). Amongst the questions, we identify for instance the following: Are there universal scaling laws in strongly anisotropic turbulence? Why do the classical -5/3 Kolmogorov scaling appears in turbulent flows when classical assumptions are not fulfilled? What is the main physics behind fluid particle statistics in the inhomogeneous turbulence? How may a single inertial particle, of size bigger than the Kolmogorov scale, affect the turbulent cascade? What is the role of the surface tension in the immiscible two-fluid system subjected to turbulent cascade? By bringing together researchers in various backgrounds, this colloquium will attempt to clarify some of these questions, and certainly will motivate further studies.

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